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I got this from the Net. It claimed that the car is coated with WHITE GOLD with a price estimate of around 5 MILLION DOLLARS. It's definitely an SLR by the looks of it. More pics after the jump...

Now, if only i can get a loan for this car.... NAAAAHHHH ! Frankly speaking, I'm not interested in such EXTREME luxury. It's better to use the money to feed the poor or do some other things that will benefit the people if you can afford this.

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fuhhh..gile ni.. pak2 arab kaye raye abiskn duit mcm ni jek... sblm ni aku nmpk audi, ni die tempah merc plak.. tibe2 terigt plak ms zaman diploma dl... ko wt website psl kete merc.. ko ckp kete idaman ko...bile nk bli syed? huhuuu.. c200 pun jdla...hehe

dasyat2...hanya tokan je leh beli keta tu...if accident, alamatnya, menangis tak berlagu la jwbnya

Xde la aku nak pakai kete mewah camni... Pakai kete mahal ke murah ke.. naik highway max speed 110kmj je ko bole bawak... hehehee...

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