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Assalamualaikum and welcome to my blog. If you didn't know, this is my first blog post and I welcome all to my blog.

Some of you may be wondering why I created this blog... ? Well, it's quite complicated to answer that in a simple way. You see, I've always wanted a personal space on the web where I can share my thoughts with the entire planet but for some reasons, I 'postponed' my intentions due to a lot of 'work'. However, I 'soon' come to realize that work never ends and so... here it is.

BTW, I plan to write this blog in both english and malay. Ini kerana (tengok... kan dah tukar bahasa) topik-topik yang saya ingin bincangankan di sini, sebahagiannya mungkin lebih sesuai jika menggunakan bahasa melayu (and some might be better if it is in English).

I think that is all for now. Thanks for reading my first post.

Syed Zainudeen Mohd Shaid

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