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A 10 metres high tsunami which hits Japan's northeastern costline yesterday (11 March 2011) near . The tsunami which is caused by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake at about 2:46pm (GMT+9) is believed to be the 7'th strongest earthquake ever recorded in history. The wave traveled at about 800km/h (about 222 metres per second) which means, even the world's fastest runner cannot outrun the speed of the tsunami when it hits.

Below are some of the images captured during the tsunami. Click on the images below to see larger versions of the image !

In Sendai, the city largest near to the quake epicentre, the waves swept through the car park of the airport and engulfed buildings.

Houses in Natori were caught as a wall of water up to 10m (33ft) high in some places swept inland.

At least 300 people are already confirmed to have died but many are still missing.

Whirlpools could be seen off the coast of several cities, catching boats in their drag.

Damage to gas pipes and electricity lines meant many fires broke out in the aftermath of the quake, including in Natori City.

Source: BBC, Al-Jazeera & Reuters

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